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Accounting and Bookkeeping Help

The objective of this bookkeeping and accounting help site is to aid students, owners, managers, and anyone needing or wanting to learn about accounting and bookkeeping. Finding good accounting and bookkeeping training, help, and assistance can be quite a task.

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Why Accounting ?

Accounting is essential to the success of any business or organization.
What is Accounting ?  
Why is it important ?
Who uses Accounting Information ?

Why This Site ?

Bookkeepers or anyone can update their skills or learn about accounting and bookkeeping by pursuing free online accounting and bookkeeping courses. Ranging from beginning to advanced courses of accounting, the Internet offers many sources for completing a free accounting or bookkeeping course. There are even colleges and universities that now offer free recorded lectures, notes, and class videos.

I've tried to provide you with links to some excellent free accounting and bookkeeping training. Hopefully, by being selective and providing quality links to accounting and bookkeeping tutorials, books, courses, and lectures, you  won't have to waste your time searching for accounting and bookkeeping help.

If you want to learn the basics of accounting and bookkeeping or actually learn how to do double entry bookkeeping you have found the right site.

Since I offer my own free bookkeeping and accounting courses on my own bookkeeping tutorial site Bean Counter, why would I recommend someone elses ? My answer is made up of three reasons.

• Different teachers or instructors use different methods and techniques for presenting accounting learning materials.
What a student might not grasp or understand from one teacher, they might easily grasp from another.

• There are other excellent accounting and bookkeeping training resources besides my own.

• Lastly, repetition. The more times you're exposed to something, the more likely it's going to sink in.

Free Accounting Resources
I've divided the accounting resources into categories to help you choose the accounting and bookkeeping help you're interested in.

My Own Bookkeeping Tutorials
In a nutshell, my site Bean Counter is primarily an educational and information site that offers free bookkeeping and accounting tutorials, courses, tests, quizzes, and games.

Multimedia Accounting & Bookkeeping Tutorials

Online Accounting & Bookkeeping Tutorials

Accounting & Bookkeeping Text and Ebooks

Accounting Lectures
Topics covered include financial statements, cash and accrual, accounting equation, accounting terms, general ledger, special journals, chart of accounts, types of accounts, debits and credits, inventory, payroll, and other accounting and bookkeeping topics.

What Do You Know About Accounting Terminology ?

Accounting Glossary and terms test.

Bookkeeping Questions & Answers

When I was taking my accounting classes, I was one of those that was afraid I'd look dumb by asking a question. Not here ! Have a bookkeeping or accounting question ? Need a helping hand ?

Get the answer !

My Accounting Q&A's provide a place where my visitors can ask their accounting and bookkeeping questions and get help from others sharing their knowledge. I'll also try to respond to the questions time permitting.

Test Your Accounting Knowledge

Those that want to see what they already know about accounting and bookkeeping need to try out my Accounting Skills Tests and/or my Accounting and Bookkeeping Quizzes and Games.

Accounting Schools

Explore schools near you providing programs in bookkeeping and accounting.

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If you benefited from my bookkeeping help site, consider supporting my site by purchasing my accounting courses. You win by getting an excellent beginning accounting and bookkeeping reference and I win by getting funds to help support developing additional bookkeeping tutorials and tests.
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